Bespoke Cleaning

Corporate Cleaning

Whether it’s Banking, Legal, Accountancy
or Other; the details matter. You only
get one chance at a first impression.

Here are some of the areas where
your details have defined our corporate cleanings service.

  1. Where’s my file?

    What constitutes waste differs from site to site. Understanding your clear instructions is how we ensure no trips to the dumpster.

  2. Was this carpet always grey?

    Carpet stains are a fact of life. Having to stare at the same one for weeks on end shouldn’t be. All our staff have the materials and the equipment to spot clean daily.

  3. Why are there crumbs on the meeting room chairs?

    Why? Because it wasn’t checked. Our staff are trained to check every area every day, no ifs and no buts. So you can be sure.

  4. Why can’t I find a clean glass?

    Precision in front of house areas is vital. Our staff are trained to inspect crockery before it gets placed out for use.